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A little bit about our values

Perhaps everyone has experienced the life-giving power of essential oils at least once. Perhaps it was the gentle touch of a grandmother or mother who rubbed our body with oil during an illness. After all, the new is what has been forgotten.


Our company Sayanika was born in 2020 as a manufacturer of natural essential oils and florentine water directly from the Sayan Range. We do not use industrial production methods. That is why many types of work are carried out only by hand, by experienced employees, starting from collecting pine needles and ending with checking the quality of packaging.


Using raw materials to the maximum and waste-free production are the main components of our production.   Based on the water obtained during the production of oils, we create a natural, alcohol-free product - coniferous extract FLORENTIKA.   100% natural extract helps us create products for the face and body and enrich cosmetics with vitamins and microelements.   And this is the main thing for each of us.   Indeed, out of the many cosmetic products on the market, we want to see only the best and most beneficial for our body and skin.

Every SAYANIKA product is lab tested and certified to ensure you get a safe product.